Tuesday, March 30, 2010

People Stuff, Pt. IV

- This is our last full day in Philly, when we woke up Maddie took us to the zoo to fly in the hot air balloon. Unfortunately the weather was 'hazardous' so we didnt get to go up :/
- Maddie then dropped us off at a record store, I dont remember what I found their this round other than Melt Banana, Mclusky and You and I CDs.
- Once we were done, we went to some other record store. Let me start by saying this, GOLDMINE. About a hundred dollars later I walked out with original pressings of  Clikitat Ikatowi's River of Souls, Ordination of Aaron's Immersion in a 90 mph world, Food Not Bombs Comp(feat: Swing Kids and Indian Summer), Ringfinger's Decimal, Antioch Arrow's The Lady is the cat and In love with jets, I Can't Live Without It comp (feat: Botch, Guyver-One and In/Humanity) LPS, a Kodan Armada/Whats yr damage split 7" and a Inhumanity 7"
- Damn, I'm trying to remember what we did afterwards... I dunno but we went to Brooklyn, New York to see Hop Along.
- If you aren't familiar with Hop Along, do yourself a favor and listen to Francis right now: www.myspace.com/hopalongqueenansleis
- So Francis was playing as a full band again, I guess she does that now and did a back to back set with Nether Friends. I dont remember them too much but they played pretty well. Anyway, Francis played and dedicated a song to us then finished her set with Beyonce's Single Ladies(Put a ring on it)
- After the show we made it just in time to buy a pastry from Food Swings(awesome NY vegan goodness) and bring some back for Francis and Mark.
- We went to a White Castle, I gave into temptation because we dont have those in CA. Then we got pizza for the last time. At this particular pizza parlor, there was a dude who had the Edward Rob Pattinson 'look.' Anyway, Edward was way out of his element(or too belligerently in his element?) stooping over the counter and running around in the kitchen getting  yelled at. Oh Edward.
- The ride home back to Philly did not lack the much needed 90s hits.

(Omar with side burns to die for and me with shorter hair at the zoo in Philly. Photo by Maddie)

This is the day no one wanted to come.  Maddie took us to an Ethiopian restaurant and at this point Im broke as a joke so I get mango juice. We went to the airport and did our routine good-byes. About 6 hrs later, I was on the exact opposite coast. The night before we were at the foot of the Atlantic and now I was sleeping by the Pacific.

Thank you Omar for taking me to the East Coast and fronting the money for the plane ticket I still owe you for. Maddie for being the sweetest of all hearts mainly because Eva is an adorable dog and for letting us stay at your place, drink your booze and drive us around. All the following bands for either housing us, driving us around, playing a show we went to, partying in your house and with us, drink your booze and for being a band: 1994!, Boyfriends, MALEGOAT, Algernon Cadwallader, Hop Along, Spires, Elder, Teenage Cool Kids, Daniel Striped Tiger, Apeshit! and Ed Hoculi.

To all the new people I met along the way whether in a fleeting moment or in a drunken haze or both, I hope we stay friends/keep in touch. In order of appearance. Maddie(PA), Joey(MA), Bean(PA, next time we're in New York fuckin' party with us), Dizzy(NY), Mowgli(KY), Gregory Labold(PA, thanks for talking some sense into me), Raf(PA) Francis and Mark Quinlan(PA), Yosuke, Masa, Jun, Hajime, Kazuke(Japan), dude who was in Street Smart Cyclists and now in Snowing(we need more Smiths/Morrissey talks), Matt=Tank for telling me I have pretty hair(I still do), Matt G.(PA, thanks for the burrito) and lastly EVA!

All you cool cats and dog should write me a letter, that would be a pleasant surprise.

Paul Chacolla
23462 Caminito Lazaro
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Monday, March 29, 2010

People Stuff, Pt. III

- Our beloved Joey after providing us a night of endless laughter and endless dart games always resulting in who can throw the worst, Joey leaves to go back home in Boston. I was too tired to go with him to the train station.
- Omar and I woke up hours later to take the train to Lancaster to visit Uncle Chris and Uncle Mike (1994!/boyfriends), Uncle Mike is a no show.
- We found a comic book shop across the street from the station, I bought some gifts here. Shit was tite. 
- Uncle Chris showed us around, we ate pizza, bought records and drank beer back at the house.
- We played with an awesome dog, listened to good music, ate homemade food(?), Raf gave us the new We Were Skeletons album(MARVELOUS), drank more beer on a three-story roof, talked about 'life', went on a conquest for more beer, gave Uncle Chris a hug at 5am and went to bed.

- Omar and I woke up and we went off to Senorita Burrita(s)? for some awesome burritos made by Uncle Chris and Matt
- Stryper(the Christian glam metal band from the 80s) was unloading their bus and were playing across the street from the burrito shop that night. Most of wished we were going there that night instead.
- Omar and I walk to the train station and took the train again to Paoli, PA where Maddie would pick us up and take us to Baltimore for the 1994!, Spires, Teenage Cool Kids show.
- Then we saw said show, got pizza and said our good byes to friends and 1994! and Spires.
- We drove back to Philly, this was one of those 'it was a really nice drive' kinda drive. 90s pop hits were to be played endlessly.

People Stuff, Pt. II

 - After regrouping, we take the train back to Philly. I drunkenly slept in a railcar.
- We arrive just in time before Be Happy Fest starts. Here is the line-up from what I remember. Algernon Cadwallader, Malegoat, Teenage Cool Kids, Daniel Striped Tiger, 1994!, Elder, Best Friends and some more bands.
- After the fest we go to Maddie's and freshen up a bit.
- We head for South Philly to Big Mamas Warehouse where Algernon Cadwallader, Malegoat(an awesome band from Japan!) and our dearest friend Uncle Chris from 1994! party hearty into the wee hours of the morning. Lots of rock n' roll fun, met new people and jammed til our hearts' content.
- I also failed at learning how to saw anything in Japanese.

- Woke up on a couch confused.
- 14 people pile in a minivan.
- We all left Big Mamas to run up the same stairs Sylvester Stallone ran up in Rocky!
- Everyone was hungry so we got pizza.
- Omar, Joey and I hang out around Philly looking for record stores. A Vagabond comes up to us and says 'What does the left butt cheek say to the right butt cheek? If we stick together, we can stop this shit.' We gave him a few dollars, wouldn't you?
- Maddie, Joey, Omar and I go to Baltimore to see Algernon Cadwallader, Malegoat and Elder. We missed Elder but made it in time for Malegoat's last set in the U.S. before heading back to Japan. Masa made a point to inform the crowd that he loves pizza, oh you!
- Everyone says good-bye, exchange gifts and contact information. I will always love these people.

(left to right: Joey, Mowgli, Kazuke, Peter, Gregory, Uncle Chris, Jun, Craig, Hajime, Yosuke, Me. Bottom row: Omar and Masa)

People Stuff, Pt. I

This trip was the real thrill seeking, revaluate your life, non-stop show attending, record shopping, constant beer drinking, pizza eating, walk til' your soles couldn't take anymore week long test of endurance for the sake of rock n' roll fun. This trip is about Omar and I adventuring the East Coast, I will post a series of these. Yes, I should be asleep but I can't sleep cause Im sick. Suck it.

- Stayed up all night drinking and was picked up for our flight at 4am
- Woke up in Texas confused hours later.
- Arrive in Philly a few hours later and picked up by my soon to be friend Maddie.
- We stop for pizza.
- Go to the OX in Philly for a Boyfriends, Spires and Ed Hoculi show.
- Reuniting with our friends in said bands on a roof drinking beers, brings a  warm fuzzy feeling inside.
- After the show we grab a bite again and go back to Maddy's for some shut eye.

(Boyfriends @ the Ox. Philly, PA. Photo by Al Paca)

- Wake up and get into Maddie's car because we're headed to New York for three shows in one day!
- In the middle of  New Jersey our car breaks down and we wait for four hours until AAA shows up.
- We took the train into New York. Arriving in the Big Apple in from the subterranean level then heading up is the most cinematic experience of my life. It took me a second to realize what was going on. Every building is big, every other car is yellow and everyone had somewhere to go.
- Missed the ABC No Rio show due to car troubles.
- Went to Brooklyn to see 1994! and Spires at the Glass Room?
- With the Algernon Cadwallader/Malegoat show a few blocks over at the Stolen Sleeves Collective, we go off to that show.
- On the way there, I bought Amelie off of a girl in a shady street selling her DVDs.
- Made it in time for Algernon/Malegoat and leave to catch the rest of the first show.
- We arrive but we miss 1994! and Spires however we made it in time for APESHIT!
- APESHIT! fucking ruled.
- Omar and I go off and get drunk and meet our friends at the Pita Palace around 3am.
- I met the most beautiful girl with a washboard named Dizzy, we talk and part ways shortly.
- Omar and I continue getting drunk and part ways with our friends in Manhattan.
- Our new mission is to continue eating pizza, drinking beer and watching the sunrise in Central Park.
- Mission accomplished at 6:28am.

(Shitty cell phone pic taken by yours truly)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life is but a dream.

So in October of 2008 Ian Mackaye was doing a Q+A tour and made a stop at UCI. I was lucky enough to catch him speak and be able to record him. Ian Mackaye with an amazing punk resume is a man who needs no introduction, for those not well versed with his accomplishments look up: Minor Threat, Fugazi and Dischord Records. With that said download the Q+A below the photo and share it with your friends.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fort Rodolfo

So at my current residence we try host shows whenever we can. So far we have had two successful shows. In my book, successful is when no cops show up and no drama.

Our first show was last October for Blackbird Raum and Warscroll. Im not well versed witheither of the two but my roommate had set up that show and it was fun. The neighbors weren't notified but they were okay with us having shows as long as we let them know in advance.

Then for New Years Eve I set up a show for Deers!, Burn Idols and Ordstro. Shoot it Up and ghost fucking stories were supposed to play but they/we kinda fell through. Regardless, this show was GOOD TIMES. Show ended perfectly on time and it was nothing but party and wait for the new year.

Soon I'll have photos of the actual shows to put up. As for what else is going on in this house is, I'm slowly compiling some writing that I want to self-publish in a zine I'm starting titled Dancing In Bathroom Stalls. Yes, that is the title of this blog too but I'm going to begin placing writing from the zine up on this page for those who don't get a copy(also, listen to At the Drive In's Ticklish). Another thing I'm doing within the confines of my white walls is trying to run a label/distro called I Rest Easy Records(listen to I rest easy, your ship has sailed by Furnace). Eventualy, I'll put up a post of what I currently have in stock. Lastly, a friend of mine and I are going to try to run a short wave radio station held in my room. We'll spin some records and talk about whatever we have on our minds. Hopefully, we'll be able to broadcast live shows and also have acoustic acts play in my room as features here and there.

Yea, this is pretty much what I have going on in here. I suppose I should post some rules for when we have shows at Fort Rodolfo:
- Shows will never be more than $5
- No smoking in the garage
- Refrigerator is OFF LIMITS, seriously don't eat/drink my and my roommates food. We don't do that when we go to your house.
- Show respect to your show attending comrades.
- No drama.

I should probably add 'Have Fun' as a rule but ehh, just come over and have a good time and keep your ears to the ground on the projects happening in this house.

Fort Rodolfo
23462 Caminito Lazaro
Laguna Hills, CA 92653