Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caravels: A Place Where I Can Rest My Head

Over the years I've witnessed a handful of bands play their first shows or came across them still in their infancy. Caravels is a band I've been fortunate to watch grow over the past four years starting in San Diego and Tijuana and since their first demo this band has always had a special place in my heart. They have self released a handful of EPs before signing to Top Shelf Records, which I think is great for both the label and the band. I remember driving back home after spending a weekend with them and listening to their demo's opening tracks Rooms for Tolerance followed by Algebra and thinking about how I could never get tired of them. Well, by chance my theory was put to the test because that CD was stuck in the car stereo for nearly a month and by the end of the first week every note has been engraved in my brain and sometimes their lyrics still find their way out of my mouth. This is the thing about Caravels, I have nothing but fond memories of this band whether we're hanging at their shows or just listening to them. Some bands JUST strike me as bands you know? However, in Caravels they're brotherhood is apparent. The s/t 7" and Floorboards Ep are by far some of the best songs they've written. Safety Jobs is also one of the saddest songs I've heard. After reading the liner notes of Floorboards I was reminded how often times tragedy is the inspiration of such beauty. To Mike, Matt, George, Dillon, Corey and to your friends and relatives, Im so sorry for your loss. Im proud to be your friend no matter what state I live in and how many seasons go by.

Caravels is playing in Seattle, WA on Thursday November 23rd 2011 9pm
w/ Walter & Perry, You May Die in the Desert and Panther Attack
@ The Black Lodge 

For everyone back home:
December 2nd 2011 7:30pm
w/Ten Thousand Leagues, La Bella, Palm Reader and Residuals
@ Blood Orange Info Shop 3485 University Ave, Riverside, CA.

Decemeber 3rd 2011 6pm
w/ Ten Thousand Leagues and Flooded Roads
@ Che Cafe Collective 9500 Gilman Dr. Student Center B-0323C, La Jolla, CA 92093

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