Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good times for a change.

So I know I have been inactive on this. Mostly due to me being lazy but also because I moved cross country twice this summer. So this blog has been the last thing for me to think about. I moved to Philly but it didnt work out so now Im in Seattle, WA. I love it here. The weather is great so far and I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to do everything. I've started drawing again, I dont have a guitar anymore so I have to fill in my creative void somehow. I ride my bike more again AND I've finally eaten shit on it real hard. Everything is going Milhouse. My friend Charlie shared this Patton Oswalt quote with me:

"I don’t know what it is about Seattle. The minute I get to that city, it’s not so much that I calm down, I just feel like there’s a future, for some reason. I feel like, 'Yeah, I’m gonna do this, and then, there’ll be other things I’ll do.' Whereas sometimes in Los Angeles, I just feel like, 'Yeah, this is finite. This will end.'"

On my tumblr Im going to start posting photos, photos that I've taken of course. There should be more creativity to share than to 'copy/paste,' repost, reblog etc. etc.

Once I finally get my feet on the ground here I'll be posting more info on shows in the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia regions. I've been absent to my normal show attendance cause the perils of financial instability currently have me by the neck, so I dont bother looking up new ones to save myself the heartache. I'll do an update again on shows back home though, there have been so many great shows since I've been gone. I can only hope my friends went to as many of them as possible.
(Caravels, Back to the Grind, Riverside CA. Sometime in Jan. 2011)


Dan Koskie said...

Dude, sounds awesome! Glad you're doing well! Seattle? I'm so jealous, one day I will live in Portland... one day... Love the idea for the music blog tho, def gonna follow that!

conheartist said...

Thanks Dan! If you ever want to see the city lemme know!

Maynard said...

so good to hear your enjoying life to the fullest! keep living the dream!

conheartist said...

Maynard, Seattle is so awesome. Lemme know if youre ever in my neck of the woods! Bring your bike!