Monday, June 28, 2010

Fort Rodolfo: Not Small Enough. Show I.

Oh man, so on Friday we had the best show yet. After a few changes the final line-up for night was: Brahmans, Wilderness, Joyce Manor, Big Kids and lastly 1994!

Brahamans came through and delivered us their first presentation in front of a live audience. It was pretty tite. Brahmans this night was Shane and Julian, they reminded me of a young Upsilon Acrux or Planets, their set was fast, distorted and no vocals. With a little more practice this band can really bring on the maximum shred. I really hope this band records soon.

After Brahmans, Wilderness graced the floor with their wild-style of punk, dance, riot grrrl hits laced with sweet riffs and sassy vocals. Wilderness is Laura, Andy, Danny and Andre from West Covina. They played a handful of songs and showered us with silly string. Please check em' out, theyre one of my current favorite local bands and their next show is their CD release show so go!

Third up was Joyce Manor, theyre sweet dudes from Long Beach and can really play some good pop punk to drink to. What other redeeming qualities do they have? Well, they're putting out a 7" split w/Summer Vacation, just got signed to 6131 and also have an affinity for The Smiths.

Now consisting of two members of Spires, Big Kids was originally Jason(Spires) on guitar and Al Paca on drums and shortly Chris(Spires) also joined for second guitar. Well, on this night Jon from Ed Hoculi took part in this rock n' roll entity too by playing bass. Pop punk with heavy riffs \m/

1994! need no introduction but I'll give you one anyway. If you know me, I've talked my ass off about this band. This is the band Omar, Eric and I took 12 days off from 'life' to follow up and down the West Coast on their tour w/Spires last year. Then a month later flew out to the East Coast(best week of my life, read my earlier posts if you care or have the time) to see them a couple more times as well as going to other shows and Be Happy Fest in Philly. Finally my beloved tios were back and playing their first show of the tour at Fort Rodolfo. 1994! is Chris(guitar) and Mike(drums). Theyre often compared to Tiny Hawks because theyre a two piece that carry the melodic and abrasive qualities as well. With that said, just listen to them. While youre at it, listen to Boyfriends which is basically 1994! plus two dudes with all four playing slower and cuter.

 Anyway, after the show we all partied, went out and got vegan fish tacos and a handful of us stayed up til sunrise. Once I woke up I made vegan pancakes for everyone with blueberries and strawberries for toppings. Apparently, some neighbor from another street called the cops but they didnt show up til' about two hours after the show. Pfffft, way to go. I want to apologize for the quality of these photos, Im not used to taking pictures with a digital camera.

Thanks for coming out and making this night amazing. Come out for July 17th!


Friday, June 11, 2010

All Day Fun Day July 3, 2010

Hey kids, my good friend Jason set up this really amazing fest called ALL DAY FUN DAY! The line-up is pretty solid. The flyer is pretty self explanatory except it doesnt mention how much it is to get in. Im thinking its $10. Im not too sure but I'd go regardless if I didnt live so far and without any real means of getting there. By all means go if you are in the area!

here are links to all the bands:

Mothercountry Motherfucker

All Day Fun Day!
The Continental Club
1658 12th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

I couldn't find any links for Mothercountry Motherfucker so if anyone has a link to anything of theirs, send it on over.