Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have nothing to do this Summer?

Here is a list of bands coming through town. When I mean town, somewhat locally within a 70 mile radius because their is hardly anything going on in Orange County. Most of these bands are in the punk/hardcore genre or what have you. I'll be posting more shit on here too. Keep in mind I dont have internet so I dont get to go 'online' as much as I'd like to. In other words, bear with me.

7.28 Wednesday. Che Cafe, San Diego.
7.31 Saturday. TBA.
8.07 Saturday. Kinda Like  A Fest 6, Half Moon Bay(I know this is nowhere near here but I've gone to this event the past two years and its ALWAYS a good time).
8.13 Friday. TBA, LA.

6.12 Saturday. Che Cafe, San Diego.
6.14 Monday. Vacation Vinyl, LA. 7pm EARLY SHOW.
6.14 Monday. The Smell, LA 9pm LATE SHOW.
6.15. Tuesday. Hyde Park Half, Inglewood. w/Dangers

1994!/Big Kids
6.25 Friday. The Seldner House, LA.
6.26 Saturday. Back to the Grind, Riverside.  w/Rogue State and Summer Vacation.
6.27 Sunday. East Side Cafe. w/Summer Vacation and Color Chromatic.

We Were Skeletons
7.16 Friday San Diego/Riverside
7.17 Saturday. Fort Rodolfo, Laguna Hills. w/Maladie, Satie, Towers and Dogs of Ire.

Good Luck
6.02 Wednesday. Che Cafe, San Diego.

7.17 Saturday. Fort Rodolfo, Laguna Hills. w/ Satie, Towers, Dogs of Ire and We Were Skeletons.
8.15 Sunday. Back to the Grind, Riverside. w/Rogue State and Nunca Invierno.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fort Rodolfo Summer 2010

First of all, sorry for my lack of posts. We haven't had internet at the Fort in quite sometime now. Im currently at the El Toro Library using their wifi and to tell the truth I just might spend my summer 'in a dusty library.' ANYWAY, while Im here Im going to give you the scoop on what is going on at Fort Rodolfo this Summer.

June 19th, Saturday 6 pm CANCELED.
Too many bands keep dropping this show. Sorry.

June 25th, Friday 6pm $4 w/ canned food(optional)

1994!(Lancaster, PA)

Big Kids(Oakland, CA)

Joyce Manor




*Summer Vacation is not playing anymore, sorry.

July 17th, Saturday 6pm $5 w/canned food(optional)
Towers(Philly, PA)

We Were Skeletons(Lancaster, PA)

Maladie(Tijuana, Mexico)

Satie(Tijuana, Mexico)

Dogs of Ire(Riverside, CA)

July 31, Saturday EARLY SHOW


+ some very special guests

There you go, these are the shows for the summer. Canned food is optional, not mandatory. However, every can that is collected is going to Santa Ana Food Not Bombs. As I've said before, I'd like to thank my neighbors who put up with our shinanigans. With that said, Im going to revise the rules at Fort Rodolfo.
- Respect our neighbors and their property, if it wasn't for them I wouldnt be able to host these shows.
- Shows start on time and must end at 10pm
- as you can see, alot of these bands are coming far from home. Therefor, please pay the full price. Rest assured, shows are no more than $5. Exact change is advised. Canned food is optional.
- No smoking in the garage.
- Refrigerator is off limits, this has been a problem before. If you dont live at the Fort, you have no business in the fridge.
- Show respect to your show attending comrades and hosts.
- No drama.

Thank you for spending your time reading the updates. Come out and have a good time and make some noise. Flyers will be up soon.
Rock n'roll,

Fort Rodolfo
23462 Caminito Lazaro
Laguna Hills, CA 92653