Friday, July 30, 2010

Fort Rodolfo R.I.P. 2009-2010

This is a notice I got this afternoon from our property's Interim General Manager

I have seen your notice for the party with bands, on the web site that you are planning tomorrow, Saturday, 31, 2010. This party is against the governing documents and thus you cannot hold this party. The police will be called if any band or people show up for your party.

Please be advised that you have been warned.

Interim Gerneral Manager'

and this is the e-mail I recieved from our Property Manager:

'Just received complaint from HOA for a party and noise if they add a fine it will be deducted from your security deposit'

Im sorry to everyone who was looking forward to our last Fort Rodolfo shows. We all knew it was going to end but not like this. It would be selfish of me to host these shows because this may affect my roommate's security deposit refund, I hope you understand.

This is pretty upsetting however, THANK YOU for coming out to the shows we've set up and thank you for your canned food donations. Rest assured I will make sure they will be donated to the Santa Ana Food Not Bombs. It was a blast and couldn't have been without YOU. I will let you all know when I find a new space to host shows again after I move, keep your ears to the ground for the zine too. Once again thank you and Im sure I'll continue seeing all of you at other shows.

It'll never be over baby blue,