Monday, February 15, 2010

You ask if I'm free for a walk by the sea.

I've been listening to a band called Black Tambourine alot lately. They were a shoegaze band from Washington D.C. who were on Oakland based label Slumberland Records(current home of New York's The Pains of Being Pure at Heart) in the early 90s and only put out a handful of releases. I was checking out the Slumberland website and found out that on March 30 they'll be releasing a vinyl version of Complete Recordings with extra unreleased songs featuring covers of Buddy Holly and Suicide. Mark your calendars because this a must have for any shoegaze enthusiast.

I dont remember how I came across this band but my first impression of them was My Bloody Valentine during Ecstasy and Wine, Meat is Murder-era Smiths, Love and Jesus & the Mary Chain. With bands like Vivian Girls its easy to say they are pretty highly influenced by Black Tambourine. My favorite songs would have to be For Ex-Lovers Only, I Was Wrong and Drown. 

Looking for info on this band becomes a bit repetitive because it seems like everyone just 'copy pastes' the same description so I'll let you look up their myspace or whatever. Anyway, check em' out and buy the vinyl release from Slumberland. This is a record that I personally consider as a must have.